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When it comes to classic cars we know that not all cars are the same. They come in all makes and models, and each one deserves its own special level of attention. Similarly the experienced Brokers are IJU know that not all classic cars are used for the same purpose. For example some owners choose to drive their vehicles, while others may only want to use their vehicles for special occasions.



Agreed Value: Most cars lose their value overtime, however classic antique, classic, and collectible cars are another matter. With Agreed Value Coverage in the event of a loss you will receive the total value of the previously agreed upon amount. 

Breakdown Assistance: Covers the cost to tow your car to the repair shop of your choice.

Transportation Expense: Your policy may reimburse you for the cost of renting a vehicle while your car is being repaired. Or you may have the option to rent a car of comparative value. 

Emergency Living Expense: Your policy may cover lodging in the event that you incur a loss far from home. 

Personal Property: Your policy may cover personal property that is lost or stolen from your vehicle.

Glass Coverage: Covers the cost to replace your vehicles windows. 

Original Equipment Manufacturing Parts: This type of coverage may cover original parts (so long as they are still made). 

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For over 25 years IJU has been helping collectors like yourself wit their insurance needs. Our Brokers are standing by to help you select an appropriate policy based on things like: 

  • How many miles you drive.
  • The age of your car. 

  • Custom Modifications.

  • Insured's Driving Record. 

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