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Classic Car Insurance

We’re committed to providing our Clients with a level care which only a boutique  insurance brokers  firm  can. We hope to not only help answer our Clients questions, but provide them with helpful information that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Below we have created a few articles providing information about Classic Car Insurance, and how it may benefit you.


It makes all the difference



We want to be your representative for Auto Insurance. For over 25 years IJU has been helping individuals and businesses with their insurance needs. We have Brokers who specialize in Homeowners, Automobile, and Specialty Risks. With access to over 30 different insurance markets we provide our Clients with access to comprehensive and affordable insurance policies.


We want nothing more than to keep you, your family,  and your vehicle safe and on the road. Whether you own an import, a domestic, or a high performance exotic car, we’re the place to go with any insurance needs. Feel free to call, email, or even shoot us a fax with any questions that you may have. One of our Brokers will respond immediately with a response.  

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