Agreed Value: Most cars lose their value overtime, however classic antique, classic, and collectible cars are another matter. With Agreed Value Coverage in the event of a loss you will receive the total value of the previously agreed upon amount. 

Breakdown Assistance: Covers the cost to tow your car to the repair shop of your choice.

Transportation Expense: Your policy may reimburse you for the cost of renting a vehicle while your car is being repaired. Or you may have the option to rent a car of comparative value. 

Emergency Living Expense: Your policy may cover lodging in the event that you incur a loss far from home. 

Personal Property: Your policy may cover personal property that is lost or stolen from your vehicle.

Glass Coverage: Covers the cost to replace your vehicles windows. 

Original Equipment Manufacturing Parts: This type of coverage may cover original parts (so long as they are still made). 



showing dedication to your car. Showing that you take the time to care and learn about your property shows the insurance carrier that you are a concerned person and are ultimately less of a risk.

2) Reduce Your Risk of Theft

Unfortunately thieves steal classic cars. Due to the value of classic cars it makes them a higher risk for theft. Because of this increased risk, classic car insurance premiums are usually higher. We suggest that you tell your insurer where you intend to store your vehicle, as a it may help to alleviate some of the risk. For example, if you keep your classic car in a garage with a security guard your premium will be lower than parking your car on the street in a bad area. By adding steering locks and immobilisers you may be able to cut your costs as much as 10%.

3) Reduce Your Mileage

The less time you spend on the road, means the less of a risk there is of you being in an accident. Therefore the less you drive, the less your premium will be.

4)Get an Advanced Driving Qualification

By taking additional classes for your vehicle, it shows that you are a competent motorist. Someone who has more knowledge about their vehicle is less likely to commit an accident. Because you are less likely to be in an accident, you insurance premium will go down.

Tips For Keeping

Your Premium Low

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1) Join A Classic Car Club

Typically if you are/become a member of a recognized classic car club the insurance carrier will decrease a premium by a certain percentage. Some groups provide insurance deals for their members to take advantage of.The reason for this is because by becoming a member of an auto group you are

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